bitFATshop is a shopping cart solution that makes running an online store the easiest job in the world. With our hosted online shopping cart based platform, you can start your online store at a very small investment. Now you can start your online store without worrying about set up, hosting, server requirements, and other boring technical details.

Just pay a small setup fee, and you are good to go. Every month, we will charge $29 for monthly maintenance, hosting, and security. This tiny cost of launching your hosted online store is almost like starting your business at no money!

bitFATshop : For a Perfect hosted online store

  • No multiple plans. No limit on the number of products you choose to sell.
  • No transaction fee comes to us in case of any online or offline payments through the payment gateway.
  • Built on a stable, scalable and flexible open source platform of your choice (Magento/ OpenCart) that all programmers are comfortable working on.
  • Unlimited templates to start with. You choose the look of your store.
  • Thousands of extensions already available to meet your needs.
  • Choose any and as many payment and shipping options.
  • Thousands of developers from all over the world working all time to update and maintain your platform.
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In short, bitFATshop offers everything your online business idea needs to grow at lightning pace and generate record sales.

Zero Setup Time
Run your web-store at a monthly cost of $29 only

We understand that you would want your website once your business is stable. Nobody wants to be tied to a solution which charges them a recurring cost till forever. This feature is not provided by any other hosted solution. All they leave you with is the data of your store; so you are always bound to them or invest in a new shop again.

See what all you get

Powered by Advanced Open Source Ecommerce Platforms

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biFATshops are scalable and highly secure because they are built on the best software for online shopping store. Get the most advanced technology for your online business idea and start your business at small investment.

Start Your Business at Small Investment

$29 per month is probably less than your kid's monthly allowance. So, technically speaking, you will start your business at no money by using bitFATshop. Our hosted online shopping cart solution is perfect if;

  • You want to start your business at small investment.
  • You want to experiment with your online business idea.
  • You don't have the technical expertise to use do-it-yourself hosted shopping cart solution.
  • You don't want to pay transaction fee for every sale.
  • You are interested in a scalable hosted online store.
  • You want to start your online business on a secure open source solution.

Get your hosted shopping website running without any hassles.

  • Monthly Expense:

    • Monthly Recurring charges: $29 per month
  • For Account Setup:

    • Choose between 2 Open Source Systems: OpenCart or Magento Commerce
    • Initial one time setup cost: $99
    • Bandwidth provided: 1 GB per month (On exceeding: $10/GB)
    • 2 Email Accounts: 1 GB Storage Each
    • File server space: 1 GB (On exceeding: $10/ GB)
  • Optional Suggested Installations:

    • Install existing design template: $50 (Template to be purchased by you)
    • Install existing Add-ons/Plug-ins: $50 each (Plug-in to be purchased by you)
  • Get full ownership (optional):

    • Ownership transfer charges: $999
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Optional services for your store:

  • Custom Designing:

  • Custom Programming:

  • Back Office Support:

    $6/ hour

Do you want a hosted ecommerce solution for your new venture or existing website?

How does it work?

  • 1

    You send us an Order or Request a personal quote.

  • 2

    We send you a questionnaire to understand what your requirements are and design preferences.

  • 3

    We search for best suitable themes on internet for your website or you can provide one of your choices.

  • 4

    We will then install plug-ins required for the basic operations, selling, shipment and marketing.

  • Example: Single Page Checkout, Payment Gateway Integration, Shipping Gateway Integration etc. You could also buy the plug-ins (if any required), and deliver the scripts to our team.
  • 5

    We then work on the custom design and development needs if required.

  • 6

    Finally the website webmaster login area access is handed over and you are ready to sell.

Still confused?

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Here are some common doubts that we would like to clarify

Q. What is a transaction fee?

A transaction fee is an amount charged by the hosting company whenever you sell any product through your web-store. We do not charge any such fee. Though there will be a fee charged by a 3rd party payment gateway like PayPal, your merchant bank, etc.

Q. What are the charges when we exceed the bandwidth limit of 1GB/month?

Every month we charge $10/GB of exceeded bandwidth

Q. Do I need to buy my own domain name?

Yes. The domain name is to be purchased by you. It will be your property at all times.

Q. What if I do not wish to install a theme and want a custom design?

Choosing a theme or not is upto you. If you want, we can custom design your website at a nominal charge of $10/hour.

Q. Will the website be mobile optimized or responsive?

That is totally dependent on the chosen theme and level of customization in terms of design and development that you get done on your website.

Q. Can I shut down my online store anytime?

Yes you can. Whenever you wish to discontinue, you can close the store. You no more need to continue paying the monthly fee.

bitFATshop vs other hosted solutions?

  • bitFATshop

    Other Hosted Solutions

  • bitFATshop: Built on open source platforms like Magento or OpenCart

    OHS: Built on their own system

  • bitFATshop: Easily customizable the functional aspects

    OHS: Difficult to customize functionality

  • bitFATshop: No trial before buying

    OHS: Offer a trial period of 15-30 days

  • bitFATshop: Easier to find custom designers and developers

    OHS: Limited developers who can work on their system

  • bitFATshop: Unlimited themes available

    OHS: Limited themes available

  • bitFATshop: No transaction fee for every product sold

    OHS: 1-2% transaction fee per sale

  • bitFATshop: No limitation on number of products to be featured or available bandwidth

    OHS: Usually have a limitation on number of products you can feature of bandwidth available

  • bitFATshop: Can get full ownership of the store

    OHS: Getting full ownership is not possible. You can only import data

  • bitFATshop: Numerous plug-ins already available

    OHS: Need to pay every month for apps and plug-ins

Confused between hosted solution and fully owned ecommerce site? Consult our experts to find answers to all your queries.


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