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Reputation Management on Internet

When it comes to brand reputation, internet poses the biggest challenge to businesses and brands. Anyone can tarnish business reputation by posting negative reviews on websites like Yelp and Complaints Board. While business owners have started investing in ORM, the need is to rethink online reputation management. We are doing the same at Blue media Technologies. Our team of reputation experts realizes how difficult it is to remove information from internet or to push down negative reviews on Google. That's why we work with a hybrid reputation management strategy while rendering online reputation services.

Build. Monitor. Repair

Whether you want to build your online reputation from scratch or require online reputation specialists to recover from negative online reviews, Blue media Technologies can help you with everything.

MONITOR Reputation

Track what people are saying about you and take timely action. Our reputation managers will be your eyes & ears on web.

BUILD Reputation

Create strong brand presence on internet through social media, content marketing and high authority business sites.

REPAIR Reputation

Getting bad reviews from Ripoff Report & Complaints Board? Blue media's reputation experts will fix your brand reputation online.

We have delivered positive ORM results for extremely challenging projects at half the price charged by brands like
and Discuss your online reputation requirements with us, and we will share a work strategy that will guarantee

Remove negative links and
content from google

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Hotel owners are not the only ones who suffer online reputation damage due to negative online reviews. Healthcare professionals, small businesses, and even celebrities struggle with bad online reputation. Keeping the same in mind, we have created unique reputation management strategies for every industry.

  • Real estate
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Legal
  • Services

Protect your real estate agency from bad online reviews and defamation. We have not only helped property firms in managing their online reputation but also improved their online presence and business leads drastically.

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Negative reviews on sites like Tripadvisor & Foursquare can do serious damage to new as well established hospitality businesses. Our team of reputation managers neutralizes the negative by sharing positive reviews and content.

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Improve your medical reputation on review websites like Angie's List and Healthgrades. Our team realizes what hospitals & physicians encounter in the form of online reputation damage, & has created effective ORM strategies to handle the issues.

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Aspiring celebrities, models and even established actors encounter the issue of bad online reputation. Whether you want to make some embarrassing images or a particular blog post disappear from top search results, we can get the job done.

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Attorneys and law firms are also receive negative feedback from disgruntled clients. To help them maintain flawless online presence & take time action against defaming competitors, we have introduced reputation services for law firms.

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Whether you run a consultation business or manage a software company, you need to show your best side to your customers. We help you accomplish this goal by pushing your positive brand resources and profiles on top search results.

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We are also the first choice of business owners and companies that want guaranteed recovery from reputation damage without paying the hefty fee charged by big reputation names like and

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Reputation Management Packages

Keyword Or
Phrase - Targeted


Keyword Or
Phrase - Targeted


Keyword Or
Phrase - Targeted


Reputation Packages

Remove Negative Link fromFIRST Google Result Page

1 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$500 per month
2 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$700 per month
3 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$1000 per month

Reputation Packages

Remove Negative Link fromFIRST Two Google Result Pages

1 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$1500 per month
2 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$2100 per month
3 Keyword Or Phrase - Targeted
$3000per month


Blue media has delivered extremely difficult reputation project and thus is confident enough to offer 100% money back guarantee. We will bring 18 positive results on Google's first 3 result pages in first 90 days or you will get 100% refund.

Helping Reputation
Brands Deliver Results

Our unique approach to online reputation management makes us part of ORM industry's Big League. That's why young reputation agencies outsource their most challenging reputation projects to us.

We have been offering white label reputation management services to global ORM firms for many years now. If you have a project that you think only reputation biggies like and can handle, then, we have an offer that you simply cannot refuse.

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Future of Online Reputation Management

We have seen business owners, brands and even working professionals struggle with bad reviews, negative blogs, defaming images, and poor media coverage. To stop this from happening, we evolved PORM (Proactive Online Reputation Management).

Under PORM, we create highly authoritative business assets that occupy top positions on search engine results and stop damaging content from reaching the top. With our proactive approach, we are helping businesses neutralize negative links before they are even born.

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