CREATIVE Coming Soon Pages

Introduction to Coming Soon Pages

"Coming soon pages" are the ones which are shown when a website is temporarily taken down or the domain exists but the website is still under construction. They are a kind of teaser that you want your visitors to see before finally launching your new or redesigned website. So essentially a coming soon page gives an insight on what the site-to-be is all about. Nowadays traditional under construction pages are going through a big revamp and to stay ahead of competition you need a professional design agency to focus on your pre-launch branding by crafting a unique coming soon page for your website.

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Benefits of having a coming soon page

A coming soon page is a smart decision for both search engines and users. According to Matt Cutts, Google gives a lot of advantage to coming soon pages.

  • A creative coming soon page is a great way to attract attention of your potential visitors and make them look forward to the website's launch.
  • A coming soon page which has the ability to go viral and encourage social sharing can give your pre-launch branding a major boost.
  • It helps people to know your business in advance and they will be familiar with you which will increase the chances that they will convert in future.
  • From SEO perspective older domains rank better organically, so even if your website is not ready you can still publish it with a coming soon page.
  • They provide great opportunity for websites to engage and build connections even before the actual site goes live.
  • A well-designed "Coming Soon" page is much better than a default message like "this website is under construction".
  • Through the option of email subscription you can collect valuable data of interested visitors which can be contacted later.

Coming Soon Page Templates

If you are looking for a quick, low cost solution then Blue media Coming Soon Page Templates is the best deal for you. It saves your time and effort by giving you the freedom to choose from the recommended designs. You can make a choice based on your inclinations and business requirements.

How it works?

Our expert team will take your requirements as well as preferences.

Our team will look for 5 best of the best readymade templates from over 100+ designs

The suggested designs will not only match your expectations but also save your time and resources in shortlisting out of so many available options.

Benefits of template based design

Cost effective solution which gives you the freedom to choose the BEST template for your business.

It saves time, you can get the coming soon page made live in less than 1 hour.

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available templates @ $49 only

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Custom Coming Soon Pages

Coming soon pages play a crucial role in branding your website even before it is launched. For that reason investing in a custom coming soon page is the most suitable option if you are looking for a unique tailor made design to beat your competition. To maintain consistency our experts will customize your coming soon page so that it has similar color combination and highlighted value proposition thus ensuring that it has the same look and feel as your yet-to-be-launched website. Through exceptionally well designed creative and customized pages you can not only engage visitors but also make your brand go 'viral'.

Benefits of having a custom design

Customized designs give you the Freedom to Conceptualize and decide how your page layout and design should look like.

It offers Distinct Brand Identity and a Unique Consistent Look across different contexts by refining all of your unique selling points into one coherent visual message.

Craft your exclusive web presence with Creative Custom design of your choice @ $199 only

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Responsive Coming Soon Page

Responsive designs ensure that your visitors get the best user experience without worrying about the device through which they visit your website. With smart phones and tablets all set to take over desktops, responsive design is the next buzz word for web based businesses. So go for a responsive design if you wish to ensure that the first impression on your potential visitors is always positive.

Blue media offers mobile friendly coming soon pages to ensure that your mobile visitors get the optimum viewing experience and your website ranks well in terms of usability across devices.

Broaden your reach. Get a responsive design for your coming soon page @ 249 only

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Worried about Hosting?

Blue media offers Easy Hosting @ $20/Year for its esteemed clients. You just need to pay once and update the DNS records for your domain!

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Anatomy of a good coming soon page

by Blue media design experts

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